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Equine Encore Foundation

CARBONITE is a Kentucky bred chestnut gelding with friends in high places! He is a Multiple Stakes Winner who spent most of his 6 year racing career in sunny Southern California and earned $431,517.00.
After leaving the racetrack in 2014, he spent two years in Canada as a "Chuck Wagon" horse. While he was racing in California, his equine masseuse, Gail Matthews of Winning Hands Equine Massage Therapy, fell in love with him and kept track of him after he left the state. She was in constant contact with the folks who were racing him in the "Chuck Wagon" races and when they retired, she contacted former owner, Anthony Chacon, who purchased the horse and paid to have him shipped to Tucson. Mr. Chacon then flew to Tucson to visit this versatile gelding with a "Jay Leno personality". Gail plans to visit him in June. Carbonite's story clearly illustrates the old adage, "It's not what you know but WHO you know that counts!
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