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Equine Encore Foundation

Cutaway Kid aka Charlie
A dark brown gelding who was foaled in Utah on April 25, 1989, arrived at the farm on February 12, 2015. His career which spanned 8 years was spent racing in Wyoming and Arizona. Like Smith Barney, he earned his $39,279 the hard way--mostly in the claiming ranks. He was very successful in his 85 starts, winning 12 times, finishing second 13 times and third 14 times. He lacks the beauty of his neighbor, MOSTLY DUST, but this senior citizen has friends! For folks who think jockeys don't care about the horses they ride, here is an epiphany for them. Although jockey, Anna M. Barrio, had not been on this horse since July 2, 1999, when I mentioned his name to her on February 26, 2015, her eyes lit up, a big smile crossed her face and she said, "I loved that horse! He was so focused in the paddock. We would come from way back to win. I won three races on him after people said he was through." How's that for remembering after 15 years?It turned out that Charlie's determination on the racetrack spilled over onto a second career. He learned to jump and for years was a great school horse for accomplished teacher Didi Lewis. In his prime he was second to none in the looks department.
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