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Equine Encore Foundation

Equine Encore Foundation Services
Equine Encore Foundation would like to say Thank You for your support. Your donation is tax Deductable and your name will be added to to our Greatest Supporters List. But most of all your donation will help support us give our resident horses a life. 
You can help us by supporting one of our horses for $25 monthly (Bronze), $50 monthly (Silver) or $100 monthly (Gold). Just go to our horse galleries and pick a horse to support. By supporting our horses, your name will appear by the horses name as one of his supporters.
Our resident horses are retired racehorses and we have made their photos and stats available to you so that you can support one of our resident horses of your choice.

Basic horse needs: Hay, Supplements, Salt, Farrier, Dewormer, Dentistry, Vaccinations, Fly control, Grooming Supplies, Carrots and Treats
The minimal cost to take care of a horse is about:

$10.00 to $14.00 per Day per Horse
Right now we have 80 horses which adds up to about $800.00 to $1120.00 per Day. 
With one person this seems hopeless. With the help of many it becomes possible!

Equine Encore Foundation is a non-profit organization funded entirely through private donations. Help us give these retired racehorses a place to live out their lives.
Send a check payable to:
Equine Encore Foundation
3225 N. El Burrito Ave.
Tucson, Arizona 85705
To donate online select our secure online donation button below and place a one time amount donation. Thank you! Patti Shirley

Shop at our online store!
The Community Partners™ Program is a way to help Equine Encore by shopping at Albertsons. Organization supporters use a key tag when shopping at Albertsons to earn credit for Equine Encore. Download your temporary scan card.
•1% back on the organizations sales per quarter
•5% back on sales over $50,000 per quarter
It's been said that "it's not WHAT you know but WHO you know that counts". Garth Brooks has friends "in low places" but Equine Encore Foundation has friends in the real estate business. We think our friends are better! Long Realty's Rebecca Gorrell is donating a portion of her commission for all of her real estate sales or purchases to us in the name of her clients. She's doing this because she "just loves that Equine Encore Foundation is providing a retirement home for so many wonderful horses". If you want to support us and you have a house to sell or are looking for a new home in the Tucson area, please contact Rebecca. She can be reached by email at rgorrell@longrealty.com, by phone at (520) 975 9616 or (800) 328-1575.